Have you ever questioned your calling or asked the question, “who am I”?

In this valuable podcast, author and speaker, Renee Swope tackles self-doubt and criticism and how to listen instead to the voice of God.  She identifies criticism, comparison, and conflict and how this “trifecta” of self-doubt can undermine the success of a speaker.  She and host, Kathi Lipp, provide practical tips for how to best combat the voice that tells us we are “not enough”.

Meet our Guest

Renee Swope

Renee Swope

Author & Speaker

Renee Swope is a national conference speaker and author of A Confident Heart. Through her written and spoken words, Renee leads women to find confidence in Christ by showing them how to live daily in the security of God’s promises. Seasoned with laughter and saturated with Truth, Renee’s messages are filled with powerful Biblical insights and practical life-applications. Renee lives with her husband and three children in North Carolina. To find out more about Renee visit her interactive website at www.ReneeSwope.com.

Resource: Confirmation/
Calling Sheet

Download this simple example of a confirmation sheet. Grab a journal or print several of these and pull one out when you need to battle self-doubt or are inspired about a piece of your calling.

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