Facebook fatigue. Simply, it’s the term used for the decision to leave Facebook either permanently or temporarily. The reason noted by many: boredom.

As we build our platform, our goal is most definitely not boredom. Kathi hosts this week’s guest, Laura Christianson of Blogging Bistro, a company that offers several social media marketing services. They discuss Facebook fatigue and offer key ingredients for your Facebook page to keep your numbers growing and your audience engaged.

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Meet Our Guest

Laura Christianson

Laura Christianson

Blogging Bistro

Laura lives in the coffee capital of the world: Seattle, Washington, where independent cafés thrive. Tucked among behemoth retail giants, tiny bistros serve up generous portions of ambiance and delicious fare at moderate prices. She taught high school (journalism and English) for over a decade. Did a three-year stint as a corporate PR director at a start-up. Wrote (and published) three books and hundreds of magazine articles. Blogged professionally. Keynoted at conferences. And other stuff you don’t care about. During the 30 years of her career, she learned one important thing about herself: she loves helping people. In her words, “Bottom line. Whether I’m delivering a keynote presentation to hundreds, teaching a workshop to a small group, or chatting with one individual, my chief delight comes from knowing I’ve helped someone.”

Learn more about Laura and Blogging Bistro at bloggingbistro.com.

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