Improve Facebook Engagement


by Robin Smith

As an author, speaker or coach, you want to be found. You want people to be able to search for you and find out more about you. You want them to desire to connect with you and become raving fans. You need to improve Facebook engagement.

So often I find someone I’d like to learn more about, and I look them up on Facebook but they fail to connect to their business page. Or their business page doesn’t include their web page. Frankly, most people won’t continue to hunt. If you don’t provide the links to help them learn more, you lose them.

So how do you make sure people can find you and connect with you?

Tips to improve Facebook engagement

These tips will help:

  1. Make sure you connect your profile page to your business/speaking page. It should appear in the about section.
  2. Also be sure you connect your business page to your website. It should appear in the about section.
  3. Use graphics – Facebook posts with images have 179% more interactions than the average Facebook post.*
  4. Video is better than graphics. Videos are the most shared post type. Video posts on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach, when compared to photo posts. Average number of shares for video posts in 2015 was 89.*
  5. Facebook Live tops uploaded video. People spend three times longer watching live video than pre-recorded.
  6. Post interesting stuff. Showcase a client, show customers using your product, give statistics that support product use.   There are dozens of things you can post about that would be entertaining, educational and build brand awareness.    You want everyone to like, know and trust you and your company.
  7. Do NOT sell, sell, sell! Facebook isn’t about selling. It is about connecting and building relationships. Communicating with others. Rule of thumb for promotions, for every six posts it is permissible to have one sales post. So if you only post one time per day, once a week you can post about selling something. If you post six times per day, once per day you can post something regarding sales.

Make sure Facebook is helping your grow your business and not hurt it. Take a few minutes and go make sure your profile and business page has your correct connection information.

*Statistics from Social Media Today and

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