make the most of a booking

When a speaker is given the opportunity to share their ministry with an audience, it is a gift. An event coordinator is entrusting their sheep, time, money and program to the speaker, and the speaker needs to do everything possible to make the most of a booking.

Many articles have been written on how to get bookings. The real trick? Maximize the experience so event coordinators and audience members alike want to tell others about the experience which, in turn, creates more bookings.

How to make the most of a booking

  1. Prayer – Make sure to pray before, during, and after the event. One of the most underutilized and super-appreciated questions you can ask an event planner is: “How can I pray for you?” This often gives great insight to the event itself and the one who is planning it. Some speakers find it invaluable to recruit “prayer peeps” – people invested in the ministry who will faithfully pray for the success of the event, health of the speaker, etc..
  2. Survey – Take a survey after an event. This can include a texting code, a copied survey, or an online survey code. The feedback you receive after an event helps strengthen, redirect, and sharpen a speaker. It also serves as fodder for new speaking topics. Although sometimes it is hard to hear tough criticism, if a speaker views such feedback as an opportunity for growth, the lessons are innumerable.
  3. Newsletter – Have attendees sign up for a newsletter that highlights schedule, encouragement, prayer needs, and helpful hints that can be emailed to them. It keeps the speaker’s ministry in the forefront of their mind, and who knows? One of those might be the next event planner! The key is to create a newsletter that is a benefit to the reader. If they see value in taking the time to read the newsletter (i.e. time-saving tips, practical tools, encouragement), they are more likely to value the speaker.
  4. Gratitude – Make sure to either pen a thank you note or write an email to thank the event planner for their efforts, prayers, and ministry partnership. In addition, ask if they know of others who might benefit from your ministry as well! This is a wonderful way to glean information for other event planners so that additional bookings occur.
  5. Business cards – Albeit a bit old fashioned, the business card is still a great way to connect to others. Such a card also include could newsletter links, fan page info, etc. Many speakers earned bookings due to a great conversation in the airport or in a restaurant because they were prepared to exchange contact information.
  6. Recruitment – Some speakers find it valuable to solicit the help from the attendees of an event by asking them to help foster growth in the ministry by spreading the word about the experience they had. There is nothing like the power of word-of-mouth, especially when that mouth has been empowered to speak!
  7. Excellence – Be prepared, look great and provide the attendee of an event with a great experience. We all know God is glorified when we worship Him with our “first fruits,” our best. One of the quickest way to get more bookings is to be a speaker of integrity and quality and deliver on that which you promised. God will bless your efforts.

Don’t waste a booking

A speaking event is a terrible thing to waste. Make sure to view each one as a wonderful opportunity to share God’s love and create an environment for more bookings to come as well and make the most of bookings. By following the above seven tips, your ministry will grow in number and effectiveness!

make the most of a bookingAmberly Neese is a busy speaker, author and humorist who has won the hearts (and funny bones) of people all over the country at hundreds of retreats, camps, seminars, and conventions. She and her family live in beautiful Prescott, AZ, and enjoy Star Wars and the Food Network. Details about her ministry can be found at:

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