by Greg Hurley

I attended Leverage because I want to be the keynote speaker God created me to be.

Living in the Bay Area, my calling is to encourage Bay Area Christians to live as God intended, in the areas of calendar, cash and calling. Three areas we all tend to get stuck and cause a mediocre relationship with God. I was convinced that Kathi Lipp and the Leverage Team could help me improve my speaking. They did not disappoint.

How Leverage helped me launch my blog

Before Leverage, I was right in the middle of launching a blog. How long this “launch” would have taken, I’m not sure, but after I attended Leverage, it was officially up within 40 days. Leverage helped with that final nudge I needed in order to launch something that was not perfect.

The Leverage team shared story after story of how they had launched projects that were not perfect and adjusted after launch. It gave me the courage to launch my blog. With speaking, they changed the framework of how I build a talk. As we all know, connecting with our audience is a key to great communicators, and Leverage’s system to help speakers gives their audience hope so they can live the life they were created to live.

Practice (and feedback) makes perfect

One of the things most influential for me at Leverage were the talks we gave and received excellent feedback on. This was a huge help. The talks I shared tied in with the blog I started. It enabled me with my future blog posts. I received affirmation by my peers in a way that touched parts of my heart and soul I did not know existed.

I don’t want to ruin it for future attendees, but in 23 years of attending conferences all over the country I have never experienced anything close to how Leverage wrapped up. I will never forget that experience.

How I’m moving forward

As a result of Leverage, I continue to believe anything is possible. The leaders at Leverage are extraordinary. But one common thing they share? Their grit! They did not wake up one morning and become the speakers they are. They fought, and continue to fight, in order to be the speakers they are.

I have to do the same thing. I am not yet where God wants me as a speaker, but I need to fight and be gritty in order to get closer and closer to where I am supposed to be as a speaker. I continue to speak and truly connecting with my audience, by sharing my hurts and stories, as one of the main ways to invoke life change. I want life change for myself and for those whom I speaking in front of.

If you are considering attending Leverage, you will not be disappointed. The value of Leverage far exceeds what you pay to attend. You will come away encouraged and inspired like never before. For me, the Leverage experience continues with the Bay Area Leverage Group I am a part of. We meet monthly to practice our talks, encourage and pray for one another.

Leverage will changeGreg lives in the Bay Area with his family. His desire is to help others create more space in their hearts, souls and minds by helping them to seek God’s will for their time and resources. He enjoys learning and exploring ways to get unstuck in the areas of Calendar, Cash and Calling. Greg writes at



Leverage will change
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