I packed my bag and jumped in my car for the six-hour drive to the Leverage conference. I love long drives because it gives me time to think, and I had plenty on my mind at this point in my career.

As a professional comedian and television host, I have enjoyed an amazing career for the past 23 years. For 10 years prior to my comedy career, I taught high school and loved teaching. Since I was a little girl, I had always wanted to be a stand up comedian. It was my dream! Through hard work, the support of my family and outrageous blessings, I left the world of teaching and pursued my dream! I became a professional comedian and corporate humorous and have been performing over the last two decades!

I was ready to change directions in my career; that is, to dovetail the teaching and performing. I had delivered a few keynotes and performed at several corporate events. After researching, I realized there could be a way I could combine the two careers and become a speaker!

I knew there was work ahead of me. I could not be more blessed and happy than when I saw Kathi Lipp, a wonderful speaker and author was offering Leverage: The Speaker Conference. I signed up immediately!

Before Leverage, I assumed “a speaker” covered everyone who spoke! I also assumed I would be attending this conference to learn how to become a speaker like everyone in the field.

I could not be more wrong! I learned so much about the wonderful world of speaking at Leverage and from the amazing staff she brought in to teach, coach and mentor us.

I’ll be honest, on arrival, I was intimidated by the other speakers. Everyone seemed smarter and more steeped in education. I told myself, I could always hide behind the funny! FUNNY is what I do!

Kathi and her team immediately put me, and I am sure everyone else, at ease as they welcomed all and assured us we all had a unique and wonderful story to tell.

Leverage showed me the type of speaker I am

I learned there are various ways to reach an audience using skills already in me! I learned there are NO cookie cutter speakers! Each one of us are unique and each of us have a purpose!

I learned I am an entertainer! Who knew a speaker could be an entertainer first and foremost? Well, Kathi Lipp and her team knew! They also knew that among this diverse group were those whose speaking style could be educational, motivational and inspirational. We were also taught that we had not only the primary speaking style, but we were adding a secondary style that would add even more depth to our message.

I learned that I am an entertainer who motivates!

This was a breakthrough for me! Once I knew what kind of speaker I was, everything else fell into place! I went on to learn about writing structure, performance and marketing, knowing who I was and how to tell my unique story!

I kept telling Kathi I “could stay in my lane.” Too often I compared myself to other speakers and think that I was nothing like them. And you know, I was right! Kathi and her team helped me realize there are four kinds of speakers and the beauty of speaking is in the variety! I didn’t have to be intimidated by the educator because I am a performer! I could sit back and admire and support the speaker next to me who was different from me.

Leverage gave me the tools to be a speaker

I learned how to structure a talk. Kathi presents the map to telling your story and make an impact on your audience. No matter what kind of speaker you are, this structure works for everyone!

As the seminar progressed over the two days, not only did I break through self-imposed limitations and replaced those thoughts with knowledge and confidence in my style and message, but I saw other speakers do the same! It was like seeing all these unique flowers come together and bloom!

Attending and investing in Leverage gave me all the tools, knowledge and confidence to change my career.

I am an Entertaining Motivator. I know and love my brand. It is uniquely me and gives me confidence in booking and speaking!

leverage providedFor the past 20 years, Debi Gutierrez has had one foot on a red carpet and the other on a rug that she’s trying to vacuum. She’s a real-life wife, mom and friend that just happens to make a living on television. She baffles and bewilders her Hollywood star friends with amazing tales of home-schooling a teen, cleaning her own house, running daily errands and cooking her own meals – even to the frustration of her makeup artist who was trying to get her ready for the Emmys while she was whipping up her kid’s favorite, mac and cheese!

Besides her many television appearances, Debi is best known for being an explosively funny comedian who takes her audiences on a high-energy, heart-warming roller coaster ride through the perils and delights of life, relationships and marriage. Peppered throughout her act are powerfully candid moments that seem to reach into the lives of everyone in the room – tugging at their heart strings, nearly bringing them to tears. Then, with a twist and a turn, back into the reality of neighbor/mother/marriage-hood, she steers them back into another side-splitting tale from her life. Brad Garrett, the beloved character Robert Barone from “Everybody Loves Raymond”, often requests Debi to appear alongside him referring to her as one of the greats with a comedy that heals.

When Debi isn’t hosting television or touring the country as a headlining comedian, motivational humorist or keynote speaker, she’s busy living an action-packed life with her girlfriends, children, and former Marine husband who all provide her with tons of laugh-out-loud moments to pass on to her audiences.

leverage provided
Calling all speakers (even if you just want to be)!

The conference of the year is right around the corner and you need to be there. Leverage, The Speaker Conference, is designed to be laser-beam focused on helping you master each component needed to be a compelling speaker. We’ll work with you perfect, practice and perform your craft through keynote mentor sessions, breakout sessions, and coaching sessions that include constructive feedback and personal attention.

Do not wait for another year to go by. Click here for all the details and to register today.

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