You sit down to begin a blog post and wonder what to write about? You wonder what your peeps would want to read. What would be interesting and engaging blog post ideas?

We’ve all been in that spot where we need ideas for our blogs. How do you find inspiration and ideas for your posts?

Where to Find Blog Post Ideas

I have found a variety of blog ideas in unusual places. I thought it might be helpful to share a few.

1. Listen to Podcasts. There are all kinds of podcasts and if you find some in your niche they often talk about topics your readers would be interested in.  If you don’t have time to listen, perhaps scan the show notes.

2. Attend Conferences. Conferences are great for the knowledge and the networking. Every session will provide you with a wealth of topics. Don’t have time or funds to attend? Try scanning the schedule of workshops they are providing. Often the titles will give you ideas.

3. Look at Magazines. Check out the magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store and scan the headlines. I often get a few ideas while waiting in line. Subscribe to a few and don’t just check out the headlines but what they advertise and write about. Sometimes subtopics in articles give you ideas for entire posts.

4. Read Newsletters. Read industry newsletters or newsletters from others in your niche. Sometimes their topics will give you ideas or they might even write about places where they get ideas.

5. Read Other Blogs. Don’t be afraid to read other people’s posts. Don’t copy their work, but you can capture their idea and put your own spin on it.

6. Watch the News. What are people upset about or excited about? What are the current events that have an effect on your readers?

7. Read the Newspaper. Current events or feature articles of interest can give you ideas. Even the editorials sometimes provide inspiration.

8. Check Out New Products. What new products are being advertised on TV or magazines? What products are on the ends at the grocery store or Walmart? Sometimes these will give you ideas for blog posts or clues into what people are interested in.

9. Survey Your Readers. Ask your readers what they are interested in? Ask them questions that require more than a yes/no answer and learn more about their interests.

10. Watch Discussion in Facebook Groups. Facebook groups usually have lots of discussion, questions, etc. This is a great place to garner ideas for your blog posts. If people are discussing things in multiple groups it is usually a hot topic that will interest your readers.

11. What Questions are People Asking? As you look in social media groups or Twitter or even on your own blog or real life, what questions are people asking? What question do you get asked over and over again? If more than two people ask the question it is probably worth writing about. Then when the question is asked in the future, refer them to your blog post.

12. Look Through Old Blog Posts. Old blog posts can often give you inspiration. Write a sequel or update the old post with new thoughts, etc.

13. Review a Special Events Calendar. You would be surprised at all the various holidays there are. Donut Hole Day, Get to Know Your Customer Day, Curve Ball Day, etc.  You can often use these special designated days to connect to your business and write a post.

14. Do a Review. Do a written review of a book, product, movie, conference, hotel, etc. The list is endless.

15. Read your Diary or Journal. As you look through your diary or journal, hunt for ideas. What was special to you? What stands out? What would you want to share?

16. Do an Interview. Interview someone in a similar business or that your business is connected to. Someone your readers would like to learn more about.

17. Try Something Different. Think of a letter to someone, a list of some sort, a photo story, a video, a podcast. You don’t have to always write a long post. Think different and maybe even off the wall!

There you have it, 17 different places or ideas for blog posts. Actually, the ideas are endless. You just sometimes have to step out of your comfort zone and imagine the possibilities.

blog post ideasRobin is a content creator, blogger, and virtual assistant providing podcast editing/producing, technical assistance, writing, editing, and social media to bloggers, coaches, and speakers. She enjoys taking these tasks off others’ plates so they can shine in the areas they are gifted in. Traveling and spending time with her family are priorities. Connect with her on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram.


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