People are longing for connection. We live in the most connected time in history, but we have more lonely people than ever before. Sometimes, social media loses the social part, and it becomes just another avenue for marketing. And people sense insincerity and will run from someone selling one more product. But, honestly, social media platforms are non-negotiables for writers and speakers these days. If you don’t have an audience on social media, it is hard to grow in your field. The business of speaking and writing requires smart strategy—and social media is an important part of the equation.

Social media is a place to build your brand, connect with your audience, and establish authority of your product. If you look at well-known brands or big-name social media accounts, the sales pitch is soft and the focus is on connection with the potential customer. Believe me, people feel sincerity and won’t follow a sales pitch!

So, how do you create that sincere connection with your audience?

Respond. If someone comments or shares your post, respond in some way. You can comment back, like their comment or share. Show them you’re listening to them. When you respond, you encourage the interaction and conversation to continue. Don’t shy away from responding to the difficult posts. People want to feel like you’re listening.

Offer peeks. The connections on social media are the sneak peeks into real life people give you. I follow U2 on Instagram and Jen Hatmaker on Facebook, and they both consistently give little behind the scenes moments of real life. Don’t be gratuitous, but people connect with real life.

Ask questions. When you post your blog or podcast, ask a question related to your post. Or use a holiday or special day to ask questions to invite a conversation. And be sure to respond to people’s responses!

Envision a person. Picture one person you know from your audience and write to them. Sometimes when we think of a mass of people, social media becomes stilted and not a conversation.

Your audience knows sincerity, and they won’t engage with what feels like a bot on the other side. To authentically build your business following on social media takes persistence and dedication to connecting with them. We live in a time with unique opportunities to connect with your audience. Don’t miss out on connecting with them.

Mikkee Hall has been writing stories since she was a kid (and making her dolls listen to them). She does all things communications at SafeHouse Denver, freelances as an editor and social media strategist, and in her spare time, children’s ministry at her church.


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