Welcome to a two part series with Amy Carroll on how to maximize your return on investment for events. 

Kathi shares how when your work is determined by a dollar, it changes everything. As christian communicators, we need to have a higher price on our communication, but it’s not always money. 

How do you go into an event knowing it is a good return on investment of time, energy, my travel, and more?
Amy shares how to really evaluate your ROI for each event and three ways to get “paid” for an event. For example, a resource table can help cover expenses and give your audience something of value. Kathi says with speaking you can inspire people, but with a resource you can change a life. 
Finally, developing a partnership can also provide opportunities.  Amy shares how boundaries established with your ROI can actually allow you to be generous with your partners. 
All these help determine what the things are that will help you say “yes” to cutting your fee if asked. 

In today’s episode, you will know:

  • How it is important to assess your investment
  • What does it mean to be wise in your investment 
  • Having boundaries with ROI allows you to be generous   

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Join us next week for more on how to maximize your return on investment with Amy Carroll! 

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Meet Our Guest

Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll

Speaker and Author

Amy Carroll, a speaker and author for Proverbs 31 Ministries, writes for “Encouragement for Today” devotions and coaches for Compel training for writers.

Amy is the author of Breaking Up with Perfect and has contributed to several other books. As co-host for Cheri Gregory’s Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast, she’s known for her unabashed southern style and joyful spirit.

Amy is the founder of Next Step Coaching Services where she has invested in over 200 coaching clients. It’s her delight to be a small part of each one’s ministry.

Amy lives in North Carolina where you can find her on any given day texting her sons at college or figuring out one more alternative to cooking dinner.

Learn more at amycarroll.org

Meet Your Hosts

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp

Author, Speaker, Communicator Academy Creator and CEO

Communicator Academy founder, Leverage: The Speaker Conference creator and master instructor Kathi Lipp, is a national speaker and author of 17 books including “Clutter Free,” “Overwhelmed,” and “The Husband Project.”

She is a frequent guest on radio and TV, and has been named Focus on the Family radio’s “Best of Broadcast.”

She is the host of the popular podcast “Clutter Free Academy with Kathi Lipp.”

Over the past 10 years, Kathi has helped hundreds of people increase their platform through teaching and coaching. She is a frequent teacher at writer’ s conferences and has helped countless authors and speakers find their audiences.

Kathi’s desire to help fellow speakers and authors avoid the mistakes she made, increase their confidence and be the person God made them to be, inspired her creation of Communicator Academy. Her newest adventure, is The Red House where she offers writer’s retreats and Writers in Residence events. Learn more about the Red House at https:writingattheredhouse.com

Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt

Author, Speaker, Mastermind Coach

As an experiened keynote speaker and emcee, Michele Cushatt’s speaking experience includes Women of Faith, Compassion International, and various retreats, conferences and events held across the country. She has also led radio, video and audio recording projects.

She co-hosted with Michael Hyatt on the popular This Is Your Life podcast. In addition, Michele serves as part of the Dynamic Communicators International leadership team, led by best-selling author and sought-after speaker Ken Davis.

Michele coaches multiple large-platform speakers in how to craft and deliver powerful presentations.
Michele authored Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life with Zondervan Publishers and I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is. Her third book will be launched in Fall of 2019. She launched her first Mastermind group in January 2017 and is currently taking applications for her 2020 Mastermind.

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