Kathi Lipp and Tiffany Jo Baker, author of The Guest Podcasting Workshop, are back for episode 2 of this 4-part series about how to be an awesome podcast guest. Last week, the duo talked about how to get booked as a guest on a podcast. So, you’ve gotten the booking – now what? In today’s episode, Kathi and Tiffany Jo give some valuable tips on how to prepare for your upcoming podcast appearance and be the kind of interviewee that a host will want to invite back on their podcast. How can you make sure your interview actually gets aired? Listen in as they explain what it means to:


  • Give the goods in a timely manner
  • Be familiar with the topic
  • Know how to drive the conversation where the host wants it to go
  • Be prepared with relatable information – but not overly so


Plus, what equipment do you need to be an effective podcast guest? If you have a podcast interview coming up, you will not want to miss this episode.

Be A Guest printable worksheet

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Meet Your Hosts

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp

Author, Speaker, Communicator Academy Creator and CEO

Communicator Academy founder, Leverage: The Speaker Conference creator and master instructor Kathi Lipp, is a national speaker and author of 17 books including “Clutter Free,” “Overwhelmed,” and “The Husband Project.”

She is a frequent guest on radio and TV, and has been named Focus on the Family radio’s “Best of Broadcast.”

She is the host of the popular podcast “Clutter Free Academy with Kathi Lipp.”

Over the past 10 years, Kathi has helped hundreds of people increase their platform through teaching and coaching. She is a frequent teacher at writer’ s conferences and has helped countless authors and speakers find their audiences.

Kathi’s desire to help fellow speakers and authors avoid the mistakes she made, increase their confidence and be the person God made them to be, inspired her creation of Communicator Academy. Her newest adventure, is The Red House where she offers writer’s retreats and Writers in Residence events. Learn more about the Red House at https:writingattheredhouse.com

Tiffany Jo Baker

Tiffany Jo Baker

Tiffany Jo Baker is a 3x surrogate, speaker, podcaster, author, and strategist for leaders, Christian communicators, and women with a why. She is used from the breakfast table to the boardroom, uplifting the soul, success, and social media of start-up solopreneurs to multi-million-dollar non-profit organizations, and helping you birth your God-given dreams. Find out more at www.tiffanyjobaker.com

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