As speakers, many of us start out by imitating others. Then we wonder, “Why doesn’t this work for me?” Today Kathi shares the first half of a workshop from her Leverage speaker conference. She is joined by her husband, Roger, and author Michele Cushatt. They discuss the first three of four communication styles:

  1. Entertaining: Driving a point home in a memorable way using humor.
  2. Educating: Bringing a new concept to change the way an audience thinks.
  3. Inspiring: Persuading listeners to feel differently and encouraging those who feel depleted.

Want to write down your thoughts while you listen to this extra special episode? Download these workshop notes as a reminder of the four communication styles. And be sure to listen in next week for Part 2.

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Meet Your Hosts

Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp

Author, Speaker, Writing at the Red House Creator and CEO

Kathi Lipp is the host of the Clutter Free Academy podcast, the Writing at the Red House podcast, and the bestselling author of The Husband Project, Clutter Free, Ready for Anything, and An Abundant Place. She and her husband, Roger, live in the mountains of northern California, where they run the Red House Writing Retreats.

Over the past 10 years, Kathi has helped hundreds of people increase their platform through teaching and coaching. She is a frequent teacher at writer’s conferences and has helped countless authors and speakers find their audiences.

Kathi’s desire to help fellow speakers and authors avoid the mistakes she made, increase their confidence, and be the person God made them to be inspired her creation of Communicator Academy. Her newest adventure is The Red House, where she offers writer’s retreats and Writers in Residence events. Learn more about the Red House at

Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt


For more than 15 years, Michele Cushatt has inspired and challenged both corporate and faith-based audiences with her story of trauma, faith, and resilience. She has spoken internationally to a wide variety of audiences including Ramsey Solutions, Women of Faith, Compassion International, Michael Hyatt & Co (now Full Focus), Cru, LifeToday TV, Belay, Colorado Christian University, Family Life, John O’Leary Inspires, Dynamic Communicators International, as well as numerous other business, church, and ministry events. In addition, she has appeared on hundreds of podcasts, radio, video, and audio recording mediums. With this wealth of experience, Michele coaches speakers on how to design and deliver powerful and memorable presentations (oh, the irony).

Michele lives with her family, including her six children, on eight acres outside of Denver, Colorado. She enjoys a good historical novel, a long hike in the Rocky Mountains with her black lab, and a kitchen table filled with people.

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