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Special Offerings & Services for Leverage San Jose Registrants

We want you to get the most out of your Leverage experience.  This is the first Leverage we have been
able to offer these services and at special prices for attendees only. Take advantage of these offers! 

Hi! I’m Kim Nowlin of Fashioned, where I encourage speakers to embrace their story and their style.

I discovered how to assemble a small, well put together speaker wardrobe that reflects who I am as a speaker and allows me to present the best version of myself.

Together, we can make that happen for You!

Kim Nowlin Presents…
Individual Styling Consultations for just $99

As a speaker, have you ever felt completely prepared to present your message but not completely prepared to present yourself? Or maybe you’ve spent too much time and money looking for the “perfect ” outfit for your speaking event?

Yeah—me too.

You’re trying to decide what to wear on stage, and the questions begin:

Is this really me?
Will this distract from my message?
What accessories go with this?
Does this flatter my figure?
How will this turn out on video?
Will they think I’m trying too hard?
Do I have time to run out and buy something new?

Dressing for the stage shouldn’t overwhelm you.

In fact, it can be fun!

In our one-on one consultation you’ll learn to…

  • find the style that suits you
  • pull together outfits that reflect your unique speaking style
  • add that “something extra” so you feel completely put together
  • dress the body you actually have
  • project a professional image while still feeling like yourself
  • pick clothes that meet your travel and tech needs
  • know what not to wear (and why)

A longtime amateur photographer, Tracy stepped into the professional realm at a time in her life when she needed to focus on the positive personalities she so appreciates. With a move to Arizona, Tracy found much beauty in the environment, the history, and the people – all of which sharpened her desire to produce top-quality photographic memories.

Tracy now brings her passion and artistic abilities to Prescott, where she has established herself as a rising star in artistic and documentary photography. Prompt, professional, and hard-working, Tracy conducts detailed interviews with all her clients to ensure a product that exceeds expectations.

Tracy Fultz Presents…
Headshot Mini Sessions for just $99

This $99 mini session includes:

20-30 minutes on-site (Headshot + Speaking Shots)

Outfit change if desired

5 – 10 fully edited images

Electronic delivery of fully edited photographs, including retouching, for print and web business use.

Tip: Choose outfits that are neutral in color, preferably a few shades darker than your skin tone, and try to avoid black. No outrageous patterns or colors that will draw attention away from your fabulous face.

Samples of headshots and action shots from Leverage: Arizona. 


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