The Red House Writers Collective

The support you need to be the writer you are meant to be.

Are you happy with where you are in your writing career? 

Are you satisfied with the amount of writing you are actually getting done?

Are you excited about your path to publication? (Do you even know what that path looks like?)

Have you ever thought, ‘I wish I could get on a regular schedule. Not only writing, but building my platform, AND my business.’ ?”


Maybe you’ve asked yourself…

“Why can’t I just settle down and write?”

“Why do I never know what to post on social media?”

“I know God has called me to write. Why is every step so hard?”

What if there was one thing

just one thing

that could help you change your current situation?

Imagine this…

What if you were able to suddenly create a life where you not only looked forward to writing each and every day, but a life where you actually have the time and ideas to write, and could build a following of readers hungry for what you’re writing? And then, what if you were actually able to turn writing into a business?

Hey friend, Kathi Lipp here.

I’m a best-selling author and speaker who has helped countless writers transform their dream of writing into a reality with my podcast, coaching, workshops and conferences. 

A few years ago, my husband and I ditched our Silicon Valley lives (and home) and I now work full-time helping writers live out their calling as mission-driven messengers, all from this magical place called The Red House.

From there, I work with top publishers like Zondervan and Harvest House to write books (20, so far) speak, and run writing retreats in the mountains of Northern California.

But my writing career has not always been on track.


There were a lot of years when I struggled to get words on the page. And when I finally sat down and wrote, I didn’t have an audience or a publisher who was interested in reading any of it. And all the time, more of my money was going out to support my writing habit than was coming in.

I had to make a decision – was this writing thing actually a call from God, something I was supposed to commit a big part of my life to? Or was it something I was doing just for myself?

I was called to write, and  I wanted that writing to change lives. 

So I signed up for all of the conferences, workshops, seminars and more. I listened to all of the experts tell me what to do – and tried to do as much as I could. The problem? Trying to put all the training and expertise into practice. I was spending so much time LEARNING what to do, I had ZERO time to do what needed to be done. 

And that is when I discovered the one thing that actually made a difference in not just my writing, but my platform and in my business:

The Collective Check-in.

I started meeting (in person and online) with people who didn’t just talk about wanting to be writers, but were actually out there, getting published online, and in magazines and in books. These were people who didn’t let problems get in their way for long – they knew they were called to not only write, but share their writing with others, and build a life (and even a business) around their writing.

I call this The Collective Check-in. Working with writers who are further along in the journey, to keep me focused on what actually needs to be done, instead of listening to the thousands of voices in this space trying to convince me of the hundreds of things that could be done.

When I started to meet with other writers, make plans for growing my business and ministry, and holding each other to a higher standard, things started to happen. Fast.


  • I started to write online. And then for magazines. And then, books
  • I grew my online platform into something that publishers were excited about.
  • I launched a successful podcast, and then a Facebook group with over 10,000 members.
  • Most importantly? I started to see people’s lives change for the better.

…it was more than I could have ever dreamed.

OK, so listen.

You’ve been thinking about writing and what it would take to really professionalize your writing.

You have a story that you know would be an encouragement – maybe even life-changing  – to others. 

Is the idea of changing the world with your words something you’d like to start working on?

Because, right now, I have a plan that will show you how.

Today, I’m so excited to be able to introduce you to my online coaching program, The Red House Writers Collective.

It’s a day-by-day roadmap that not only shows you exactly what to do to increase your writing, but also builds your writing business in a way that you’ve always known you could.

Each month we will work on developing these three key areas:

The Course

Our team will help you develop the skills you need in one of our three focus areas: Writing, Platform and Business Building. You will receive your hiking orders for the month, and support along the way to accomplish your goals. 

Every three months, we will focus on a different aspect of your writing business to help you grow into the author you want to become. 

Month 1

You’ll learn to focus on the actual writing – this is where we help you get words on the page. We will talk not just about the craft of writing, but how to be consistent in your writing every day.

Month 2

You’ll focus on platform – this is where we will set goals for you and help you achieve those goals when it comes to growing an audience that wants to read what you write.

Month 3

You’ll get down to business – this is where we will not only help you dream about what you want your writing business to look like, but help you make those dreams a reality.

Months 4-12

We will repeat this 3-month cycle throughout the year.

The Coaches

Instead of relying on coaches who dip in and out of the program, the Red House Writers Collective has a dedicated team of experts available to answer your questions every month. You get consistent support in the areas that matter most. 


Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp


Kathi, along with her husband Roger, are the founders of Writing at the Red House Retreats and the Red House Writers Collective, along with her small group coaching program, Kathi Lipp’s Business Builder MasterMind. Kathi is the best-selling author or over 20 books, and the founder of Clutter Free Academy. In the Collective, Kathi will coach us on how to produce as much “publishable” writing as possible in the time that you have (and have some fun along the way!)

Kathleen Kerr

Kathleen Kerr

Editor, Writing Craft Specialist

Kathleen Kerr is an editor, writer, and speaker. As an acquisitions editor for the adult nonfiction division at Harvest House Publishers, she acquires projects in a number of categories—from Christian living and spiritual growth to devotionals and women’s issues. Kathleen works with debut, bestselling, and award-winning authors, helping to refine their messages, build their careers, and partner in their ministries. She’s always on the lookout for bold new voices to minister to those who need the healing message of Christ. In the Collective, Kathleen will be coaching us on the craft of writing and making your words more powerful with every sentence.


Becky Keife

Becky Keife

Community Connection

Becky Keife is the community manager for DaySpring’s (in)courage, an online community where women gather to build community, celebrate diversity, and live courageously for Jesus. Becky is also a beloved speaker and is the author of The Simple Difference: How Every Small Kindness Makes a Big Impact, the Courageous Kindness Bible Study, as well as No Better Mom for the Job. In the Collective, Becky will be coaching us on how to create a safe, connected space for your readers and followers.

Tonya Kubo

Tonya Kubo

Social Media + Launch Strategy

Tonya helps authors launch books, blogs, brands, courses and programs. No two launches are alike, because no two writers are alike. Balancing the business parts of the process with the emotions of a launch gets messy. Tonya can come alongside you (coaching) or boss you around (consulting). The choice is yours. In the Collective, Tonya will focus on the strategy sitting behind social media and guide you along the way.


Barb Roose

Barb Roose

Literary Agent

Books & Such Literary Agent Barb Roose loves partnering with aspiring and established authors to achieve their publishing career goals. As a traditionally published author of eight books and
Bible studies, Barb understands the tensions and triumphs embedded in the publishing process. Her heartbeat is helping others achieve their goals as well as increase representation and publishing opportunities for people of color. Barb represents both adult fiction and nonfiction with an emphasis on nonfiction. In the Collective, Barb will help us understand exactly what publishers are looking for and how to navigate the business side of getting your book into the world.

Roger Lipp

Roger Lipp

Technology Strategy

Roger and his wife, author Kathi Lipp, are the cofounders of Writing at the Red House, where they teach authors how to create their message, and then share it through social media and email marketing. He and Kathi coauthored Happy Habits for Every Couple with Harvest House Publishers. In the Collective, Roger Lipp is our tech coach. Helping you make sense of systems to not only get your book written, but out into the world.


Ginny Yttrup

Ginny Yttrup

Writing Technique Specialist

Ginny L. Yttrup is the author of eight contemporary women’s fiction and suspense novels, including her Christy Award winning novel, Words. As a writing coach and developmental editor at Words for WritersGinny is passionate about helping both fiction and nonfiction writers discover and put words to the messages their lives have written. Ginny lives in Northern California with her rescue pup, Henry, and loves spending time with her adult children and the circle of friends who enrich her life. In the Collective, Ginny will be sharing with us the fiction techniques that we all (yes, even non-fiction writers) need to master in order to make our writing as powerful as possible.

Amberly Neese

Amberly Neese

Speaking Event Specialist

Amberly Neese is a popular retreat and event speaker and comedian for two national tours. In addition, she recently authored two bible studies and a devotional on biblical community. Amberly and her husband, Scott have two adult children and live in Prescott, Arizona where they love Ted Lasso and all things Star Wars. In the Collective, Amberly will be coaching us on how to get booked for speaking events in order to build our platform.

The Check-Ins

Yep – daily check-ins to keep on task and focused. Your success is our success. We want this to be a win for everyone.

The Community

Want to reach your goals? There is no better way to do that than to work alongside people who have the same plan as you.

With the Writing at the Red House Collective, after just 12 months, you will have:

  • Written enough words to complete a full manuscript, plus blog articles and social media posts.
  • Worked with a coach to increase your online platform every single day.
  • Started a business based on the message you’ve been called to share.
  • Worked with experts in every area of your writing career.
  • Found your people – you will be surrounded by writers who are not your competition – they will become your community.


Here are just a few of the people I’ve been able to coach to take their writing, platform and business to the next level:

In the Red House Writer’s Collective, I have finally found “my people”!

After 10 years of going it alone, as a 4 times traditionally published author and speaker, it has been an incredible blessing to know I’m not alone in this writing journey to which I have been called. 

   The friendship, encouragement, insights, advice, and community I’ve found at The Collective have lit my fire and helped me forge ahead to accomplish more in one year than I ever would have on my own.

Rhonda Stoppe

No Regrets Woman Christian speaker and author of 6 books, including Moms Raising Sons to Be Men (Harvest House Publishers)

Participating in the Red House Writers Collective exceeded my expectations in every way. Kathi and her mentor team generously share valuable, practical guidance from their years as Christian communicators. New friendships and professional connections that develop are purposeful and meaningful.  Encouragement to hold ourselves accountable and be consistent is well-balanced with promoting the importance of resting and giving ourselves grace. If I chose one word to describe my experience in the Collective, it would be growth.

Angie Baughman

Pastor, Bible Teacher, Podcaster, Steady On Ministries

If I were to write one sentence about my experience it would be this:

The RHWC surpassed my expectations in every way.

MORE trainings and resources than I expected.

MORE flexibility for busy people, just what I needed. 

MORE support from Kathi Lipp and a great team of mentors and coaches than I dared dream of.

MORE encouragement and accountability built right in.

As a result, I am making MORE progress toward my personal writing goals!

Would I sign up again? Absolutely.

Michele Pryse

Being involved in the Red House Writers Collective has made a big difference in my life. It is the difference between sheepishly saying, “I would like to try being a writer” and saying in faith “I am a writer for the Lord.”

In the Red House, I have found a group of supportive people, some who are widely published and others who are like me. If I have a question about the process of writing for publication, I can put it on the discussion page, and people give feedback from their experiences. There are numerous Facebook Live training sessions each week from experts and people who have achieved success in various areas of writing, publishing, speaking, audience growth, etc. Those sessions are kept available on the group page to be watched on replay by any who were not able to see them live.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the Collective is the Campfire Write Along that happens a couple of times each month. It is a 3-hour Zoom meeting where we participants work on projects of our choosing, coming together each hour to share what we just accomplished in the previous hour and what we hope to accomplish in the coming hour. I always find I get a lot of words written around the “campfire.”

Between the encouragement, the advice, the feeling that we are all pursuing our callings together, and the accountability, being involved in the Red House Writers Collective has helped me accomplish more in six months than I have previously accomplished over six years. Of course, the Collective does not automatically make this happen. But in my case, it has helped me turn off the TV and focus on building a writing career.

Mark Drinnenberg

PLUS, join before January 6th and get this bonus from Kathi…

Join the Collective by January 6th:

… and you will receive a full access pass to our one day conference “Your Path to Published” featuring:

Grace P. Cho Editor at InCourage Dayspring How to Work with an Editor To Make Your Words More Powerful

Heather Green Associate Publisher at Harvest House Publishers – Turn Yourself into a Marketing Dream for Publishers

Vicki Crumpton Executive Editor Revell Publishers How to Get an Editor’s Attention

Tonya Kubo Social Media Strategist The Top 5 Secrets to Thriving Online Communities

Amberly Neese Speaker Coach How to Create Your Speaking Platform (Both Online and In-Person)

Roger and Kathi Lipp Podcast to Published – Creating the Platform Any Publisher Would Love

– This one-day conference is normally $199, but you will be able to attend for free when you enroll in the Collective.

(A $199 value)

So I’m guessing now you’re wondering how expensive a coaching program like this will be? I get it. A program, not only instruction and goals, but also community and accountability (the all important Collective Check-In!)

And even though there are other programs offering a lot less (and charging thousands of dollars – and they are totally worth it) that’s not what I’m doing here.

I want to make this program substantial enough to be life-changing for those who are serious about their calling as writers, but keep it affordable enough so if you’re committed, it will be worth what you’re paying – a few times over!

Right now, you can subscribe to The Red House Writers Collective for 50% off, including the amazing bonus of the “Your Path to Published” one-day conference (a $199 value).  This includes the Collective’s Coaching, Community and Accountability. ALL OF THAT for only $379 per year.

$760 / year

$379 / year


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Take the Red House Writers Collective for a test drive (or as we like to do around here, take it for a test hike…). Try out our Course, our Coaches, our Check-ins and our Community,  and see how it works for YOU!

If you find it wasn’t worth the $379 or you didn’t get the results you expected, just let me know and I’ll IMMEDIATELY give you a full refund. Sound fair?


So here is the Real Question…

Is your writing career worth checking this out? 

Even if it does only half of what I’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start to see real results, faster than you imagined — not only in your writing, but in your platform and business as well. 

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