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Writing at the Red House offers training for upcoming speakers and authors through retreats, coaching, and a podcast to help equip you with the tools you need to get your message out. Because we know you are a world changer just looking for the right platform and opportunities to get your message out there.

Do you have a book rambling around in your head and just need a little structure to get it out on paper? Join us!

Fall Kick-Off Writing Challenge

Are you ready to get writing? Do you have a book rambling around in your head and just need a little structure to get it out on paper?
Well, join Kathi and some of her Red House friends as they’ll help guide you to write 10,000 words in October. #30day10k
Head on over to Writing at the Red House with Kathi Lipp group for all the details and even some special surprises. Let’s get writing!!

Upcoming Retreats

Our retreats are postponed due to COVID. We have been busy working to make the Red House experience even better when you get here! We are hopeful and excited to resume. We are collecting inquiries for 2021. 
If you have any questions or would like information, please email

Book Proposal

Want your proposal to stand out among all the others an editor will see? Spend three days with author Kathi Lipp working on all aspects of your proposal: from summaries to descriptions, and marketing to platform.

Everything Memoir

Do you have a true story to write? Learn from industry experts and featured writers in residence, Susy Flory and Kathi Lipp, as they take you through the ins and outs of crafting your unique true story and how to best share you and your story the world.

Book Mapping

Does the idea of writing a book feel overwhelming? Do you find yourself struggling to know where to start? You’re not alone. What you need is a proven plan. And trusted guides to help you apply it.

Is there a book on your heart?

  • What is keeping you from completing (or starting) the book that’s been on your heart and mind (maybe for years…)? 
  • Does God keep prompting you to write, but you keep putting it off until you “have time”?
  • Would time away with professional writers (and no dishes) make a difference when it comes to making progress? 
  • And what about spending time away talking, connecting, and dreaming with other writers?

Meet Our Writers in Residence

Kathi Lipp

Susy Flory 

Cheri Gregory

Tonya Kubo 

Anna LeBaron 

Ginny Yttrup


Nestled into the El Dorado National Forest on 32 acres of trees and trails, the Red House Writing Retreat is just the place to focus on the writer God placed inside of you.

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